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Ministry helps support God's Will


Christian Education – promotes the learning among God's people and a response of personal obedience to the Scriptures.

Church Administration – develops the organization process of GSM by managing the resources which God has entrusted to the local body; and thereby, developing a model for other churches.

Discipleship – is designs for a mature Christian to walk along side of another Christian with the purpose to help them grow in the faith of Jesus Christ and to become a disciple themselves.

Family – to build up God's first institution called “the family” because strong families will always make for a strong church.

Fellowship – God created us in community and that community is designed to promote the interpersonal caring and sharing of God's people one to another as an outgrowth of their fellowship with God.

Evangelism/Outreach – touches the world, at large, with the good news of Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers.

Worship – has as its primary goal expressing to God the esteem, which His people hold for Him. We worship God for who He is and praise Him for what He has done, is doing and will do.

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